Food that tastes and looks good—and doesn't cost too much.

At Third Space we want our food to taste great, to look great and to be good for you. We also want to keep the cost for you, our customer, low. To achieve this we will keep it simple, keep it healthy and never compromise on taste!

Each day we will provide a full breakfast, snack and lunch menu along with evening snacks.

We pride ourselves on food quality and have been working hard to bring you an array of top quality fresh food. So whether it’s a favourite meal or something you’ve never tried before we are confident our menu will leave you satisfied and looking forward to your next Third Space experience.

So here’s our Menus:

Weekday Breakfast Menu
Served Monday to Friday from 7.30 until 11.30am
Third Space Full Irish with fried eggs, bacon, sausages, beans, fried potato, black & white pudding, mushrooms, tomato, & toast (2,4) €8.95
Mini Irish breakfast with fried egg, bacon, sausage,
pudding, tomato & toast (2,4) €6.50
Veggie breakfast with fried eggs, mushrooms, tomato,
fried potato, baked beans & toast (2,4) €7.95
Eggs to order with toast (poached, scrambled or fried) €5.50
(Served with sauté mushrooms, grilled tomato & fried tomato) (2,4,8) (Tea or coffee with any of the above: €1.00)
Choose scrambled eggs with breakfast instead of fried eggs- extra €1
Add extra breakfast item to your meal for €1 per serving
Breakfast roll with bacon, sausage & fried egg (2,4) €5.50
Filled croissant with crispy bacon & emmental cheese (2,4,8) €4.50
Porridge with honey or fruit compote (2,8) €3.50
Granola with natural yoghurt and fruit compote (2,8) €3.95
Homemade Muffins (2,4,8) €2.20
Homemade Scones with jam & butter (2,4,8) €2.20
Selection of croissants & pastries (2,4,8) €2.20

*Weekday Lunch Menu
Served Monday to Friday from 11.30 till we run out or close!*
PANINIS / WRAPS / SANDWICHES ETC. From €5.95 Eat in or take out
Can be served with a Scoop of Side Salad for €1.50

1. Traditional Tuna Melt Panino with cheddar, sweet corn and spring onions (2,4,5,8,11)
2. Cheddar and Ham Panino with tomato and whole grain mustard mayo (2,4,8,10)
3. Chicken Caesar Wrap with crisp romaine, bacon bits, & parmesan (2,4,8)
4. Goat’s Cheese Wrap with baby spinach, sundried tomato & pesto (V) (2,4,8)
5. Pastrami & Irish Emmental Ciabatta with grainy mustard (2,4,8,10)
6. Cajun Chicken Ciabatta with roasted red bell pepper & creole mayonnaise (2,4,8)
7. Chicken on Herb Focaccia with Pesto, Cheddar, Tomato & Mixed Leaves (2,4,8)
8. Swiss Cheese Ciabatta with Relish, Aubergine Roast Vegetables & Rocket (V) (2,4,8)
9. Gluten Free Bap with ham cheese red onion and leaves –MADE TO ORDER (4,8)
10. Club Sandwich on Spicy Sourdough with BBQ Sauce served with Green Salad €7.95 (2,8)
11. Brioche Bun with Turkey, Bacon, Tomato, Cheddar+ Avocado served with Green Salad €7.95 (2,8)

Chef’s Special €7.95

Soup of the day €4.95

Baked Potato €6.95:

Tarts of the day €6.95

Weekender Brunch Menu
Served Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays
Weekender Full Irish Breakfast with fried eggs, bacon, sausages, black & white pudding, beans, mushrooms, tomato & toast 2,4 €9.95
Weekender Mini Irish Breakfast* with fried egg, bacon, sausage,
Black and white pudding, tomato & toast 2,4 €6.95
Veggie Feast* with fried eggs, mushrooms, tomato, fried potato, baked beans & toast 2,4 €8.95
Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Eggs with mushrooms, fried potato & homemade brown toast 2,4,8 €7.50
Pancakes, with Maple Syrup & Bacon 2,8 €6.95

Irish Whiskey Porridge, with honey or fruit compote 2,8 €4.95
Granola in a Jar 2,8 €4.95
Unlimited Filter Coffee €2.35

*Scrambled egg option for €1 extra / Gluten free bread option for €1 extra

Allergens in Menus above
1.Celery 2.Gluten 3.Crustaceans 4.Eggs 5.Fish 6.Peanuts 7.Soyabeans 8.Milk 9.Nuts 10.Mustard 11.Sesame Seeds 12.Sulphur Dioxide & Sulphates 13.Molluscs 14.Lupin